Brampton Ontario Hum Buzz Noise

Brampton now sucks even more – as it now hums. Maybe it forgot the words. Update: Windsor had a hum too  and located the source with help from the … phone and complain to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment at 416-325-4000 or even email the Minister of the Environment,  The Honorable Chris Ballard at ministermoeccontarioca… Read More


A Toronto Star story titled “Mississauga is starting to think past its suburban status” stated, “While many municipalities still allow developers to carve up the landscape into subdivisions, Mississauga, to its credit, wants to do something smarter. Most obviously, perhaps, it begins with public transit. How telling is it that the planned LRT line, which… Read More

Turns out ex-Mayor Fennell & her council left more of a legacy mess behind. According to an article in the Brampton Guardian, City Administrators had the authority to make decisions for decades with no direct council oversight or approvals. Typical bureaucratic “empire building” behaviour that can lead to extra liabilities, spending and operating costs, etc.… Read More

25 Money Sucking Bureaucrats gone !! A Toronto Star article informs us that the new CAO (Chief Administration Officer} Harry Schlange has “pink-slipped” 25 Top bureaucrats, which is expected to save $2,000,000.00 per year (let’s not give that away to another privately-owned, money-losing sports team, or ‘friends’ of a councillor). Finally !!! Someone with some… Read More

Ship of Fools - hopefully not Brampton Council

An old saying states : “A fool and their money are soon parted” I propose a new one “A Fool Spends Money on Foolish Things” According to the Brampton Guardian, Regional Councillor Gael Miles proposes that the City of Brampton look at buying a money-losing golf course ( maybe they can tie that in with… Read More

Brampton Burning Money

Brampton Beast Bailout – Brampton Guardian Story So, the majority of Brampton Clowncillors defied all common sense and approved a taxpayer funded bail-out of a privately owned, money losing sports team. That’s $1,500,000.00 dollars of taxpayer money that will be burned through like the previous $4,000,000.00. So the precedent is now set, any “professional” business… Read More

Brampton auto accident cartoon

If you’ve ever driven in Brampton, you’ve probably seen someone with a mad dog (cat?), crazed look on their face — at least once. *Many* drivers here are aggressive, rude and careless. Why do I say that? I’ve driven in downtown Manhattan in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tampa, Montrèal, Toronto, Vancouver… Read More

A Toronto Star Urban Affairs Reporter, Published an article on Thursday November 14th 2013 about Miss Piggy’s her honor the Mayor’s lavish spending at the taxpayer’s expense. Then of course a day after the media widely covered her lavish expense account Fennell hops on a “let’s examine council expenses” track. To quote the story, “Fennell… Read More