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Brampton Burning Money

Brampton council just approved burning 15 thousand of these. No problem, they’ll just raise taxes to get more.

So, the majority of Brampton Clowncillors defied all common sense and approved a taxpayer funded bail-out of a privately owned, money losing sports team. That’s $1,500,000.00 dollars of taxpayer money that will be burned through like the previous $4,000,000.00. So the precedent is now set, any “professional” business losing money can hold their hand out to clowncil and say — ” hey, you gave it to them, where’s mine?”

Too bad Nortel didn’t go to council for a bailout or maybe Goodwill, because they can’t say seem to say no when it comes to giving money away. Maybe the ex-directors of Goodwill could apply for a job with the City of Brampton, or run for council — they seem to have the same skill set — a lack of financial savvy.

According to a Brampton Guardian article, Mayor Linda Jeffrey said “Staffs evaluation of the financials indicate that the club’s projections are highly optimistic.”  Editor – I call bullsh*t, hey when somebody is trying to get a stack of money for nuthin’, they’ll say anything, or at least ‘puff-up’ the stats to sell the suckers.

In spite of that, Elaine Moore on the Brampton Council and 7 others voted for it. Hey,  it’s not their money, is it? Any moron can spend other people’s money. (See what I did there “Moore on” ;  )  The only exceptions were Councillor Dhillon and the Mayor — the only ones showing any fiscal common sense.

Another Brampton Guardian article stated, on another money-losing matter, “Regional councillor Elaine Moore said a decision to forgive Safe City’s debt ‘sends a bad message’ to groups that the City will cover them if they can’t pay the bills.”  Hmmm … I smell hypocrisy … it sends a bad message for sure.

Seems the Susan Fennell culture of spend, spend, spend is still alive and well in Brampton City council.

Who wants to bet that the Brampton Beast will be back with their hand out again after they burn through that pile o’ loot. Seems they don’t “get” that Brampton is a cricket and basketball town.

Here’s a marketing suggestion — maybe if they change the name to the Brampton Breasts more people would want to see them ! ;  ) Yeah, I know that’s sexist and non-PC, but you gotta admit, it’s a little funny. Awwww come on !! I saw you you crack a little smile.

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8 comments on “Brampton Beast Bailout by Bozos

  • Seriously, I don’t know anyone in Brampton who heard of Brampton Beast.
    Families are too busy making ends meet and paying bills and mortgage.
    Hockey is too cold and not fun to enjoy.
    I think Brampton needs a cricket team.
    80% of Brampton are busy sending their kids to tuition to become professionals like accountants, dentists, doctors and businessman. Hockey is never on their mind.
    If they want fun, they watch Hollywood movies and go to Toronto for real sports fun.

  • If you have lived a bit, you have become immune to patronage, will full neglect, boarder line gross negligence and out right criminal activity. The powers that control everything from world politics to federal politics to state/provincial politics to municipal politics have over the years, either distracted, covertly or outright lied, committed fraud or just hid behind the constitution claiming to have no comment ( right to be silent).

    In the US the right to bear arms were never designed to protect us from tyrants from abroad, but from tyrants from within and until today it would appear that the controlling powers have won that battle(gun registry and open carry controls) .

    We cannot blame politicians we need to blame ourselves. Anyone in the same position would accept “bribes”, favours, business deals or under the table or off record proceedings because we have been taught, conditioned, learned to accept or have become complacent with such transaction.

    I am not religious personally but, we have lost faith or at least allowed fear to control us as a society. One of the last controlling mechanisms before revolution, civil war or outright anarchy is faith that it will be better.

    The last time I was at a council meeting less than 300 people attended at best guess. Need I say more; we have, at this time lost the battle as fellow voting citizens find more in value with distraction than politics. Until the voting number increase with intellectual votes we are doomed to mediocrity, in other words accepting our demise.

  • I’m in 100% agreement. The incompetence we’ve seen over the years is absolutely ridiculous.
    I was hoping once Fennell left office that things would change as well. Guess not!
    Get rid of the Beast and save the people of this city on some taxes every now and then.

    • Why did Brampton City Hall give Brampton Beast Hockey all this money.
      Why waste so much money????
      Is there are way we can protest?

  • Blows my mind how stupid these councillors are apart from Linda and Gurpreet who actually made the right decision. Imagine what the money could have done for this city if used in more logical ways. Start the timer because this franchise is going to sink very quickly………wait it already is….

    • Who on earth cares about Brampton Beast.
      They fact that they need financial help – means they are in trouble. Because they can’t sell tickets. And the sponsorship money goes to bills and still its not enough.
      No one in Brampton cares about Brampton Beast.
      I talked to lots in Brampton – they dont’ want to spend hard earned money on Hockey. Period.

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