25 City of Brampton, Ontario bureaucrats fired

25 Top Brampton Bureaucrats Given “The Boot”

25 Money Sucking Bureaucrats gone !!
A Toronto Star article informs us that the new CAO (Chief Administration Officer} Harry Schlange has “pink-slipped” 25 Top bureaucrats, which is expected to save $2,000,000.00 per year (let’s not give that away to another privately-owned, money-losing sports team, or ‘friends’ of a councillor).

Finally !!! Someone with some sense of fiscal responsibility in Brampton, after years of spending money like drunken sailors.

We’ll leave that up to the new Federal government as they give $32 Billion to ‘friends of Liberals’ contractors and agents for infrastructure “upgrades” – you know, temporary, one time spending – on things that will not create permanent employment opportunities in manufacturing or R&D ( just Feds flag-waving, highly visible “look what you’re new government has done for YOU”, stuff ).

I’ll bet that a lot of government owned building and offices will get unnecessary upgrades and enhancements with that pile o’ dough – those guys love to feather their own nest … ahem … Brampton City Hall(s) – just sayin’.


A Reminder for ALL Government Level Bureaucrats:

REMEMBER: There are FOUR hands in only ONE pocket – you seem to forget that Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Federal taxes ALL come out of only ONE taxpayer pocket.


But, back to Brampton …

The article also states :

The move comes after an external financial review by Ontario’s former auditor general last year revealed unsustainable labour costs, including the bureaucratic class, that were swallowing up a disproportionate amount of property tax revenues.”

– thank you ex-Mayor Fennell and your ‘sense of entitlement’ legacy!


The Toronto Star Article further states:

The change came as welcome news to some councillors.

The sunshine list (of public sector employees in Ontario making $100,000 a year or more) is growing like crazy in Brampton,” Fortini said, mentioning the independent report last year by former Ontario auditor general Jim McCarter.

People are walking around trying to justify these management jobs while property taxes are going up and up.”

Councillor Jeff Bowman said the move will help council get its work done: “Change was inevitable in order to move the city forward.”

Everyone will really get things moving along now,” Councillor John Sprovieri said. “I’m very hopeful there will be a complete change of culture with these changes.” (Editor- so do we John Sprovieri, so do we)

Tuesday’s unprecedented move is the latest surprise in a city whose government has been dogged by problems in recent years:

In 2014 it was revealed that staff had lost track of the status of capital projects worth tens of millions of dollars.

After years of being told that no taxpayer dollars were spent on former mayor Susan Fennell’s private events, councillors learned staff had purchased about $175,000 worth of tickets to the events.

A $28.5-million lawsuit has been filed against the city alleging there was staff misconduct in the handling of a $500-million downtown development deal.

Senior staff secretly altered Fennell’s salary without informing council.

In 2011 an independent analysis of municipal budgeting accuracy ranked Brampton dead last out of 23 Canadian cities.”   Editor: No surprise there … bold emphasis added.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch … more wasted $

Camden Park is having the entire asphalt walkway around it replaced for no apparent reason (other than a small area of rough asphalt on the far southern part of the walkway ) – you guys ever hear of the word “repair” ? You know like us regular people with common sense do sometimes, so we don’t waste our money.

Why is it always necessary to replace everything?

Answer: because – “Hey! It’s not MY money I’m spending”. Who cares!

Brampton bureaucrats:

Junior Bureaucrat:
“A small part of the walkway is slightly damaged, should we repair it?”

Senior Bureaucrat:
“Hell no, we’ve got lots of money left in our over-inflated budgets, let’s spend a pile of it to replace the whole damn thing!! We’ll give a contract to our ‘friends’ at Meisner Construction to do the whole thing.

We can specify in our RFQ (Request for Quote) that it must be a Brampton-based company, with 30+ years of experience and a proven track record with the City – that’ll eliminate anyone else from bidding, but allow us to meet the ‘legal’ purchasing guidelines that we ask at least 2 other companies. (Since, those 2 don’t meet those criteria – we’ll get the company we want).”

Editor: I was in tech sales & marketing for years – the observation as to how things are ‘done’ is based on actual experience. The “conversation” between the junior and senior bureaucrat above is fictional, the ‘method’ used to ensure purchasers get a specific supplier is not.

Also, I’ve got photos showing the ‘work’ in progress at Camden Park that will go into a separate post. It shows some of the work being done and photos of the condition of sections of the walkway before replacement. You can make your own judgments.

The Toronto Star Article is here



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  • A proper audit of where local government contracts get placed would quickly reveal friends and families of politicians doing very well. Politicians of all persuasions are in business for themselves. They are responsible for holding their jobs, which in this case means winning elections, but once in office, it is about filling their pockets before either losing their seat or stepping down with generous pensions and a move overseas or at least to somewhere more pleasant than what Brampton has become. Politicians should be required to remain in the community for 10 years following the end of their political career, not allowed to disappear with all the ill gotten loot.

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