Calling Brampton Flowertown - Putting Lipstick on a PigBrampton is Flowertown? Why? Because way back in ancient history (according to Wikipedia) “Brampton was once known as The Flower Town of Canada, a title it earned due to the city’s large greenhouse industry…

Note the phrase: once known for… as in Once upon a time.

It’s ironic to note :
Dale O’Hara who was born and raised in Brampton, a 5th generation member of the Dale family,  a member of the family that helped make Brampton Flower Town and author of the book, Acres of Glass, The Story of the Dale Estate and How Brampton Became “The Flower Town” …  now resides in Caledon — does she know something we don’t?

So why is Brampton still marketing the Flower Town “brand”? (when in fact “Car Town” – or “Van & SUV Town” is more the fact?

Well, according to Wikipedia*,  it started in 1963 when Russell. E. Prouse, was Mayor (1963–1966)

“the Dale Estate joined with the town to market the town as the “Flower Town of Canada” by instituting in 1963, The Flower Festival of Brampton, patterned after the great Rose Festival parade of Portland Oregon.”

Wikipedia has no details on Mr. Prouse the former Mayor, who (according to this website)  retired from the same law firm that Richard Prouse, (his son?) a Brampton born & raised  lawyer who has been (as mentioned on this website):

  • Past Chairman of the Brampton Downtown Business Association
  • Past Chairman of The Downtown Marketing Partnership
  • Past Chairman of The Brampton Downtown Development Corporation

* The quote from Wikipedia points to this:”

^ a b c d e f g Bost, John (30 December 2007). “Without a trace”. Book Review. Retrieved 2010-04-08. “O’Hara tells the story of how the Dale Estate joined with the town to market the town as the “Flower Town of Canada” by instituting in 1963, The Flower Festival of Brampton, patterned after the great Rose Festival parade of Portland Oregon.”

Interestingly the book “without a Trace” seems to have vanished off of Google without a trace …

As have many of the links on Wikipedia describing the start of the “Flower Town” brand Brampton uses … which is in fact marketing “spin”

As good ol’ Wikipedia says ” In public relations, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to persuade public opinion in favor or against a certain organization…”

One thing is certain — Brampton spends a large amount of time, money & effort ‘spinning’ & promoting Brampton (as do all cities & towns, corporations & governments at all levels.) Politicians, as well as lawyers, are experts at spinning (perhaps because many politicians were lawyers before getting into politics).

Expecting the “truth” from politicians is like expecting the government to stop asking for tax money– it won’t happen, and if it ever did, it would be just before elections & temporary.

Calling Brampton “Flower City”?
Come on!!! Putting lipstick on a pig, doesn’t make it any less of a pig. I suppose dandelions are flowers — but. the reality (something politicians are extremely allergic to) is that Brampton is “Van and SUV City” — look out your windows City Hall citizens!

Hey, you can’t fool me with words — Brampton has more vehicles than flowers and more red lights than Amsterdam.

LA-Traffic-the Future for Brampton

Los Angeles, once beautiful farmland (like Brampton) — this almost looks like Hwy 410 during rush hour, Brampton’s future?





8 comments on “Brampton is Flower Town? – Putting Lipstick on a Pig

  • WEED TOWN Brampton has more WEEDS then any other town cause no one in Brampton takes care of their property. 6 cars to every house, 2 cars parked on the dead dandylion lawn. Duct cleaning phone calls day and night.

    No one follows a stop sign or understands a 4 way stop. Every red light you pull up at you will always see at least 1 car run it. Turning lanes are considered passing lanes in Brampton. Kids walk down the middle of the streets without moving for oncoming cars.

    Every bank in Brampton has been robbed at least once. Young children in only diapers and bare feet run the street freely. People throw their garbage all over the street. If you live in Brampton you will encounter, at least once, a person pull up next to you and throw either a bag of Wendys or McDonalds trash out the window or you will see someone stop on the side of the road and throw a black bag of garbage out.

    All of the parks have at least 20 old men wearing turbans sitting, just talking. 50% of Brampton doesnt work. If you don’t believe me, take a day off work and go for a walk or drive.

    Brampton property tax is one of the highest in North America. Car insurance is the highest in North America also. In the 10 years I’ve lived in Brampton I’ve had 3 cars broken into in my driveway. I’ve had a window broken in my house, 5 houses on my street were robbed, 5 houses in my area were grow ops.

    My back yard is always wet cause they run the sewers down the back yards. No one uses turning signals or has working brake lights. Centre medians are considered passing lanes.

    I’m the only one on my street that washes my car or waters my grass. 90% of Brampton houses have some weird indian antennas to get TV for free or they have illegal satellite dishes.

    No one in Brampton has valid insurance. 50% of Brampton have dealer plates on there cars. 75% of Brampton have atleast 1 Toyota Carolla in there driveway.

    Shopper Drug Mart has security guards standing at the doors daily……..I could go on and on.
    Can’t wait till I sell my house and get the hell out. Never to ever come back.

  • Agreed. The only good thing about the city working towards getting those flowers ready is when they hire all those hot university girls who drive around in trucks all day. That part I like.

    on another note, if there are flowers (weeds) growing around the fire hydrant in front of your house, you will get a fine if you don’t cut them down.

  • Brampton has more Flowers than Any other City in the world including Amsterdam!
    Dandelions are Flowers… right???

    • What? you mean the folks in charge of “planning” aren’t doing an excellent job? ; ) Wait until you see the beautiful (expensive) new City Hall(s) buildings, I’d bet they’ll be nice.

  • How dare YOU!
    Brampton has more flowers than any other town/city in this great land! It makes me so very proud.
    We shame the Tulip Festival in Ottawa…. every park, boulevard & lawn in Brumpton is full of colour.
    Other than $ Stores… nothing makes us prouder
    Take a look!

    BTW If you need your ducts cleaned I will be calling you any minute… please pick up!

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