Brampton Mayor Fennell

A Toronto Star Urban Affairs Reporter, Published an article on Thursday November 14th 2013 about Miss Piggy’s her honor the Mayor’s lavish spending at the taxpayer’s expense. Then of course a day after the media widely covered her lavish expense account Fennell hops on a “let’s examine council expenses” track.

To quote the story,

“Fennell told councillors at a committee meeting that she wanted to meet with them privately in small groups to address reforming the way council expenses are managed, ahead of upcoming public budget debates.”

Notice the use of the word “privately” … clever girl, spend public money but discuss it’s use privately … and only after you get caught with your hoof hand in the cookie jar. Sounds like damage control to me… especially with the proposed 6.5% tax increase for the city taxpayers on the horizon.

Quoting the Star article further, it stated,

“Brampton residents and Councillors are saying Mayor Susan Fennell’s sudden attempt to rein in her spending is ‘too little, too late.’ ”

“It’s just like Rob Ford, he’s saying ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry’ only because he got caught,” said Councillor John Sprovieri. “Mayor Fennell is now trying to deflect attention because of all the media focus and the election.”

“That recent focus was because of the city’s disclosure, under a freedom of information request by the Brampton Guardian, that Fennell expensed taxpayers more than $186,000 in less than three years.

Expensed items included $1,500 for orchestra tickets, $1,326 for Mandarin lessons (plus $531 for a Toronto hotel stay for the lessons) and $2,162 for barbecue aprons with her name.”

(This on top of the fact that she is paid more than any other Mayor in Canada – ed)

Let’s not forget a $1.00 iTunes download expensed (she can’t afford her own tunes?), along with other “frills”, such as trips to various countries and approx. $3000 for an airline ticket upgrade (1st class anyone?) … sense of entitlement?

Also, shouldn’t she be taking Punjabi lessons instead of Mandarin? (after all, this is Brampton not Richmond Hill)

She get’s caught pink-hoofed red-handed and no apology — just — let’s meet privately in small groups to talk council expenses … maybe they can discuss ways to reduce or eliminate the pending 6.5% Brampton tax increase at the same time …

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