Grumpy Cat Drives in Brampton

WTF!! Why u stop? Yellow light means Speed Up … like a dog is chasing you!!

If you’ve ever driven in Brampton, you’ve probably seen someone with a mad dog (cat?), crazed look on their face — at least once. *Many* drivers here are aggressive, rude and careless.

Why do I say that? I’ve driven in downtown Manhattan in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tampa, Montrèal, Toronto, Vancouver Calgary, Edmonton, Bermuda, Mexico, Columbia, and many other Canadian and US cities and towns. That has given me some basis for comparison.

Based on that experience, I have to say that some (a f*ck of a lot?) of Brampton drivers suck.

Are stories of some driving schools taking loads of Brampton driving students to small towns for their driving tests true?

Apparently, they drive the test course before hand to become familiar with the test procedure in some little towns, with virtually no traffic where they easily pass the actual road test. Then drive in Brampton with it’s congested, gridlocked roads.

That’s almost like flying a jet fighter in a computer flight simulator then jumping solo into a jet fighter and trying to fly in an air show.

Hmmm… no wonder my auto insurance agent informed me we have the highest auto insurance rates in Canada.

There does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel and no, it’s not a train or Brampton driver heading towards you on the wrong side of the road.

According to the most recent Allstate insurance study from 2011 to 2013. — Brampton area accident claim rates have gone down since the 2009 to 2011 study ( yes, I don’t believe it either ;  )

Somehow, the 2009-2011 study showed Brampton as the WORST of 45 cities, going from 38th to 45th (of 45) on the list from their 2007-2009 study. In other words Brampton was getting much worse to drive in, yet somehow driving has improved here as the roads and population get denser … hmmmmm … difficult to believe.

Remember the study only covers who reported and CLAIMED for accidents.

Possibly, it may be that people who already have very high rates are more inclined to:

1.  Not report an accident and instead pay out of their pocket rather than have rates increase even more.
2.  If it’s minor don’t report it and live with the damage to their car to keep their rates from increasing more.
3.  Don’t insure with a high-end brand like Allstate and instead use smaller companies to get lower rates.
4.  Drive with no insurance if they can get away with it.

There were multiple news stories about Brampton’s high accident rates mentioned at the end of 2011 and start of 2012.

680 News website article:
“Drivers are more likely to get into a car accident in Brampton than anywhere else in Ontario…”, according to a study by Allstate Insurance mentioned on a

In its second annual “Ontario Safe Driving study, which ranks 50 communities, Belleville had the lowest frequency of crashes, while Brampton had the highest.

A Toronto Star 2011 article titled “Why car insurance costs more in Brampton”

or the Globe and Mail article titled: “Brockville best, Brampton worst in Ontario safe driving study”
Brampton was number 45 of 45 cities and towns.

Does anyone in Brampton think the driving amazingly got much better from 2011 to 2014?

Or, does an insurance agent who told me that within 2 weeks of moving to Brampton someone ‘t-boned’ his car and he had to write it off have a better idea of what Brampton drivers are like?

What are your thoughts, has Brampton seen less accidents and safer driving from 2011 to 2014?

The 2012 to 2014 Allstate survey can be found here or here. It shows approximately 6 of100 cars will make a claim on the 2014 study versus 7 of 100 cars on the 2012 study.

A few more safe driving tips, according to statistics, December is the worst month for accidents and Friday and even Thursdays are the worst days.

Don’t believe me — try driving west on Bovaird Drive towards Hwy 410 on a 5pm on a Friday afternoon (in December ; ) doing the Brampton bumper-to-bumper crawl.

Drive safely, watch your ass.

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11 comments on “Brampton Traffic — I Haz Accident?

  • Well being on the road in Brampton has been tough for well over a decade. Hoping after this 410 construction is finally complete it will alleviate some of the congestion at least on the highway. The rest of the city needs more then 2 lanes on most major streets that’s for sure.

  • What I have seen in Brampton on more than 1 occasion is someone throwing an empty bottle of alcohol out of their vehicle. Once I seen a guy in a tinted windowed black SUV throw out an empty bottle of rum at a red light…….another time I seen a guy in a beat up pickup truck throwing Budweiser cans out of the truck while driving. Another time I seen a guy drinking vodka at a red light and sliding the empty bottle underneath his car………I’ve only been in Brampton in 2 years so tell me how many more times will I witness this ???

    • Your experience is interesting. I try not to drive much in Brampton (for obvious reasons) but I’ve never seen booze bottles tossed — all kinds of other things though. But a LOT of Brampton-ians DO “text/talk-and-drive” I’ve noticed.

  • Ughhhhh!!!!!

    Foreigners!!! Foreigners!!!Foreigners!!!

    Has anyone stopped for a minute to think that maybe it’s the lack of road infrastructure and frustration from gridlock that leads people to drive like idiots and cause accidents.

    Next time watch the people making left turns AFTER the light has turned red. It’s fuckin everyone white, brown, black…everyone!!!!

    There are other places with higher density of immigrants than brampton, how come their insurance is not higher?

    Just take a drive towards the new subdivisions going up, do the roads seem adequate in those areas to handle the upcoming increase in population??

    Then go to Oakville, look at Dundas street it’s already 6-8 lanes BEFORE the subdivision construction has started.

    Mismanagement has fucked this town up, as far as I can tell the foreigners weren’t in charge all this time.

  • I spend a lot of time driving in the GTA, especially in the summer. By far, Brampton has the worst drivers. Always accidents and congestion on a daily basis.

  • I was a victim of the newcomer scam a couple of years ago. He wore a turban, had a grey beard and told me he deliberately stopped his car so I would hit him. These people are making brampton a horrible place to live! Why isn’t the government flying into this scam? I’m tired of paying high premiums for these foreign crooks! Enough! Christ almighty!

  • I’m in accord with the comment about foreigners teaching the young how to drive. Canada has a highway traffic act that clearly states that we drive on the right and pass on the left. Even on a two lane on direction route. These foreigners drive in one lane all the time (India and Jamaica) and are the bane of existence of those drivers like myself who were born here, 3 or more generations and abide by the Highway and Traffic Act and were taught by reputable institutions like Young a drivers zodiac Canada. I was taught by that school in 1976 in Quebec!

  • Johhny,

    I’ve seen plenty of locals (not foreigners) yacking away on their cell phones while driving, running stop signs and tailgating.
    You blame the foreigners because that’s probably what your parents taught you.

    • Truth is that a-hole drivers come from everywhere and definitely many were born here … lol ; )
      But Brampton seems to have a good collection of them, or maybe the grid-lock just drives them crazy. Did you see what I did there … get it? DRIVES them crazy ; ) Okay, shitty joke.

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