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Brampton Taxpayers

Mayor Susan Fennell sees a group of Brampton Taxpayers

According to the Brampton Guardian 27 March 2013  — she’s the highest paid Mayor in Canada —  Once again, Brampton is Number One !!! Whahhoo!!  … uhhh…. Wait! That’s our tax dollars she’s siphoning into her bank account. So, are we  “Number One” — like, when you go to the bathroom?? Is THAT what she means when she says Brampton is Number ONE? Is, that fat pay why she’s always smiling in the “photo op” snapshots. At $245,833.00 (salary+benefits) PLUS $69,250.00 for car allowance + driver — she gets paid more than the Premier of Ontario, or Toronto’s Rob Ford or Mississauga’s Hazel McCallion Mayor. And you thought the Queen lived in England!


6 comments on “The Mayor Has a Message for All Bramptonians …

  • Yes we are robbed, my wife and I have lived in Brampton for 43 years and the taxes have increased every year with the exception of 1997-2000 when Peter Robertson was mayor, I keep records. Our property tax bill this year will exceed $583 per month when our final bill is paid, that’s outrageous! Toronto’s always crying when they should be willing to pay a higher property tax to help pay for the subways they desperately need, not above ground transportation.

  • I’ve only lived in Brampton a few years. In that time, I’ve been robbed three times and I’ve had a car stolen. My property tax goes up 6% every year like clockwork. I pay twice as much in taxes as a friend of mine in Toronto who lives in a similar house. There’s a hundred parks for the kids to play in but they all look the same – boring.
    It’s disgusting and I can’t wait to get out.

    • While i agree with u on Brampton being a “boring” town, its hard to believe
      u have been robbed 3 times while living here few years! I am here since 25 years
      and never heard anyone got robbed in my close circle! u should watch where u
      “roam” late in night 🙂

  • Brampton has nothing to do and way too many bylaws, no good restaurants, no good stores, absolutely nothing, you can’t even go out to park to smoke a j without a cop getting his panties in a bunch, and this mayor thing is just the cherry on top. I can’t wait till I get enough money to move to Mississauga, Barrie. Or downtown toronto all better places than here.

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