Can Brampton Suck and Hum at the Same Time?

Brampton Buzz / Hum Sucks

No, this isn’t me ; )

Brampton now sucks even more – as it now hums. Maybe it forgot the words.

Update: Windsor had a hum too  and located the source with help from the … phone and complain to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment at 416-325-4000 or even email the Minister of the Environment,  The Honorable Chris Ballard at ministerdotmoeccatontariodotca explaining (politely ; ) the nature of the problem you are experiencing.

For 6 months there’s been an annoying hummmmmmmmmm … etc, etc, etc. that stops occasionally, so it’s most likely industrial/factory equipment and is much more noticeable at night. The sound is heard throughout the house, from basement to top floor (I also hear it outside too, but it is ALMOST masked by all the other constant, distant, traffic sounds that are impossible to escape from (even in the parks).

Yes! I do understand that noise is part of city living; however, this is an annoying 60Hz range, (almost) constant, buzzing hum that wears on you as you try to sleep or enjoy quiet time in your home. The volume changes sometimes but the frequency generally stays the same and occasionally it stops for a short while. Using Audacity and a broadcast quality microphone, plus bandpass filters I’ve determined it’s 60Hz.

As for those who will think it’s ‘in my head’ or tinnitus, when I put in ear buds or ear plugs it reduces the sound level a lot, so it’s not that. Although, because it’s low frequency, you can still hear it even wearing earplugs (although at a much lower volume).

Also, I turned off the main electrical breaker, gas and water, so nothing was running in the house, it was still there.

Interestingly, Windsor, Ontario has a similar noise and the government of Canada and local Universities are trying to locate the source according to the Globe and Mail.  I’ll try to find what department in the government of Canada and see if I can get the same action happening in Brampton.  I’ve wandered around and think it’s coming from a factory on the west side of Highway 10. When I get time I’ll go around late at night and see if I can narrow it down (probably get stopped by a popo with a fofo ; )

You can read the Globe and Mail article or this web site post about the ‘Windsor Hum’ as it’s known. So ours could be called the ‘Brampton Buzz’ — kind of has a nice ring to it – or should I say a nice hum to it?

Wikipedia even has an article about the phenomena – here. They simply call it “The Hum“.

Brampton is world class or world's ass?So is Brampton now truly ‘world-class’ because it now shares this with other parts of the world? (Nahhh! It’s more ‘world’s ass’ lol ; )

My guess as to the cause is, either, the constant flow of vehicles on roads may be vibrating / oscillating / resonating the ground, or some large industrial machinery is running somewhere causing it. Most likely it’s industrial machinery, since if I stick my head outside a 2nd floor window at 3am in the morning, I can hear the drone of distant industrial noises and of course, the usual vehicles roaring around with ‘performance’ mufflers, and occasional jets and helicopters flying over the city even late at night.

I came across this article on a website from someone else also with that situation. They live in the northern part of Brampton (as I do).

Note: I’m not giving my specific location out, as I don’t want some psycho, delusional, Brampton ‘cheerleader’ trying to shut me up (them = Beautiful Flowertown rah! rah! rah!    versus    Me = ha! ha! ha!) . ‘Cause then I’d have to hid their body ; ) Hey, I’m joking okay – no SWAT team here please.

BTW, some other Brampton residents can hear it too. Here’s an article I found when I Googled “Brampton hum buzz” … I’m sure others can hear it but just chalk it up to “some more Brampton noise”.

Annoying Faint Low Freq. Humming Noise in Brampton

“Been noticing this annoying low pitch humming noise (sort of like a diesel idling) inside my home over the last month. Located at 410/Williams in Brampton. Anyone else in the area notice this? I can generally only hear at night when everything is quiet, but I think the sound is there 24/7. I step outside and I can’t hear the sound, but I can hear it inside the house. ???”

I know he says he can’t hear it outside — but, at first I couldn’t either, because it’s masked by all the other constant traffic and other buzz/hum/whooshing noises in the area. Late night when there’s slightly less distant traffic noises I can hear it.

I’ve walked for 20 minutes or more late on a Sunday night, after a snow storm when it’s (somewhat) quiet and can hear it more clearly everywhere I walk to. It’s definitely NOT just in my house and NOT just in my head. – Editor

Do you have a hum or buzz noise in your house or area?

Let us know.

p.s. The next step is buying noise cancelling headphones, ideal for eliminating/reducing constant droning noises (like a spouse or politician ; )

Update: got Sony™ MDR-ZX770BN over the ear, wireless, Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling, but they don’t entirely cancel it out if no music’s playing — maybe I’ll try the Beats next.

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This article (sourced from a Montreal Gazette article that no longer exists) details the Windsor Hum and how the government got involved to locate it’s source — link below.

Here’s a link to people describing a similar situation and how they approached it:


19 comments on “Can Brampton Suck and Hum at the Same Time?

  • I don’t hear it every night, but most nights. Always ends around 4am… tonight I’m hearing it now. It starts, stops for 10 seconds, goes on again for 45, stops Then again… over and over. I always thought it was the 410 construction

  • Not kidding I m not crazy or conspiracy theory in a group of sick family members looking for answers. .There are THREE major contributors factory, from prof research the sub stations in my area downtown go term and more unknown and a surprise to us train switching stations, or better known as the shacks beside the tracks .These two last ones in combination with each other I am told for woman can be paternally leathal

  • Want grand children GET EM OUT NOW just ask my wife 37 years old I sneezed twice and there 18 and 16 moved to downtown Brampton from sauga and within 22 months 16 year old having thyroid issues wife wont get pregnant we’ve been trying not from lack of trying trust me 19 year old fine SHES NOT HERE IN SCHOOL. experts have narrowed down to go train not tracks other issues to much already ………Legal

  • I hear it too, on the south side of the house at Dixie and Williams Parkway.
    Surely the City of Brampton has the means to make it stop.

  • I hear it too, on the south side of the house at Dixie and Williams Parkway.
    Surely the City of Brampton has the means to make it stop.

  • I was woken up by diesel crap at 5:55 it stopped at 6:29
    I hope the company running the machine goes under.
    I am just recording the times start and stop

  • It is 4:40 and I am again awaken by the diesel surging noise .
    The person running the machine whether it be a Diesel engine or whatever it is ,knows that this time of the morning is disturbing people’s lives

  • I was thinking Holtby Ave factory , a Diesel engine running on a truck or a factory belt system , Could be a truck or a train diesel .
    It does stop it is 4;43 exactly and it just stopped again
    Williams and Chingacousy rd electrical sub has many fans for cooling..
    Some 24 hour corporation convict because they are committing a noise crime disturbing individuals sleeping in their homes

  • OMG it is 4:09 am and I think the noise has finally stopped for a few minutes
    I think not has something to do with Holtby avenue. There are many factories there .
    It reminds me of the conveyor belt at my work . Like everyone else. I hear a sound like a diesel truck idling

  • I live at Kennedy & Clarence and the noise level is horrible for sleeping. There are lots of factories surrounding that interesection as well as traffic even in the late hours. It has been like that for years here.

    • City of Brampton “planning” = poor or little to none. All factories should have been “zoned” into distant industrial areas with sufficient distance/buffer zones from residential areas so noise and traffic is isolated. But where there’s a scrap of land some developer will build something to make $$ — and City Hall will generally rubber stamp it to get those fat, juicy developer fees after all they have to get money to pay their fat pay increases from somewhere ; )

  • I live around the Bramalea City Centre my house facing South. In the 2nd floor rooms of my house facing south I can hear the hum at night while putting my kids to bed. My Room on the North Side has no hum to it. Windows are closed and it’s not traffic or airplanes. It is constant and at the same frequency.

    • Nope, it’s real and I’m certain many Brampton dwellers can hear it and just try to tolerate or ignore it which is tiring. Also, the ever present Brampton traffic noise usually blocks it out. Just get some ‘white-noise’ happening at night so you can sleep better, and I don’t mean some ‘white’ people partying all night ; ) lol

      Also, this is not a plug (pun intended) but Ohropax™ Classic soft wax earplugs work best (assuming you don’t need to hear the phone or an alarm clock).

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