Susie says : “Thanks ! — Suckers !!!” According to the Brampton Guardian 27 March 2013  — she’s the highest paid Mayor in Canada —  Once again, Brampton is Number One !!! Whahhoo!!  … uhhh…. Wait! That’s our tax dollars she’s siphoning into her bank account. So, are we  “Number One” — like, when you… Read More

Brampton is Flowertown? Why? Because way back in ancient history (according to Wikipedia) “Brampton was once known as The Flower Town of Canada, a title it earned due to the city’s large greenhouse industry… Note the phrase: once known for… as in Once upon a time. It’s ironic to note : Dale O’Hara who was… Read More

used to live in Brampton, this is what you see some angry black bro starin’ back at me used to live in Brampton, this is what you see some white bread city worker cuttin’ down a tree used to live in Brampton, this is what you see herds of noisy kids from a big family… Read More

“Brampton has ended up in 166th place on MoneySense Magazine’s 2012 list of Canada’s Best Places to Live, slipping from spot 147 on last year’s list. That’s 166 out of 190 cities and towns across the country, which means, according to the criteria used by MoneySense— which emphasized weather, population growth, house prices and unemployment… Read More

survey source: “If Brampton, Ont., is looking for a new slogan, it turns out it can make this particular claim to fame: “Brampton, we inspire people to swear on Twitter more than any other city in Canada.” But then again, considering a new poll’s findings, that slogan should probably end with an emphatic, boastful,… Read More

“Top 5 cities for accidents: Brampton, Thornhill, Toronto, Markham, Bolton” – Toronto Star Article – Tue Nov 29 2011 Editor – Maybe that’s why (according to my Insurance Agent) Brampton has the highest Auto Insurance Rates — Not just in Ontario — Not Just in Canada — but the highest in North America !!!   Other… Read More

Abil­ity to cre­ate sprawl­ing, automobile-centric, congested, grid-locked, noisy, anti-pedestrian & anti-bicycle City from farm­land and mead­ows (like Scar­bor­ough) is a MUST. Also, must be capa­ble of spend­ing LOADS of taxpayer money on friv­o­lous projects to solicit votes & inflate politi­cian’s egos (don’t worry we can always raise more). Abil­ity to ignore real-world needs and avoid­ance… Read More

What they want …  What they got …  What is downtown Brampton missing? — I dunno … maybe a reality check (instead of a taxpayers check)? There’s not a single planning consultant or player in the development process that will suggest the possibility that maybe, just maybe, if they really want to draw people Downtown… Read More

  SWAT team, road blocks, k9 units…just another day in Brampton. No, Brampton’s definitely not like that every day … but this FaceBook thread is interesting reading about the perception of some Bramptonians reminiscing  … (names & pictures removed to avoid Facebook copyright issues) Original Link “… yeah like 2 years ago. they were after… Read More

… for anyone who lives or has lived in Brampton, Ontario, Canada … 1. you can speak/understand several languages native to the Asian continent. 2. you can curse effectively in at least 5 languages.… Read More