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It’s still unclear who is covering the cost of the flood, damage caused by the truck collisions and the extension of leases to accommodate staff because of the almost two-year delay in construction. On top of that, almost $1 million in penalties that could have been charged to Dominus for the late occupancy date were excused.” ( bold emphasis added by Editor )

A million dollar penalty “excused”. Hmmm… someone must REALLY, REALLY, I mean REALLY like the Dominus guys. Who will cover the costs because of a 2 year delay.  Hmmm — let me guess — taxpayers? Bets anyone?

Who IS responsible for the delays then if not Dominus. The City should have asked for the penalty and put it in a trust account to cover other “unforeseen” cost DUE to the delay.

Also, another $230,000 is requested to cover unforeseen events such as a flood and trucks hitting and damaging an overhang.

Councilors have short memories as the last City Hall project was initially estimated to cost around $16,000,000 but ACTUALLY cost almost double that — approximately $32,000,000.

Then of course a picture of City Hall was on the tax bills, just to rub salt in the wound.

Then, a short while after it was built, a request for hundreds of thousands of dollars came to put a clock in the auditorium and replace the auditorium seats with ‘better’ seats and to buy art work for the building.

See the pattern — these projects ALWAYS go over budget.

Same old, same old … let’s hope THIS new City Hall doesn’t cost twice as much as the initial budget amount. Otherwise more large tax hikes, levies and  fees to cover the cost of feathering the nest of a money gobbling beast.

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