dumb-Brampton-councillorsA Toronto Star story titled “Mississauga is starting to think past its suburban status” stated,

“While many municipalities still allow developers to carve up the landscape into subdivisions, Mississauga, to its credit, wants to do something smarter.

Most obviously, perhaps, it begins with public transit. How telling is it that the planned LRT line, which will run north up Hurontario St. from Port Credit to Steeles Ave., will end before it reaches Brampton, which, in a spectacular act of stupidity, refused the provincially funded route in 2015?” – (emphasis added – Editor)

Once again many Brampton clowncillors show their IMHO lack of vision and ineptitude that in the long run will leave Brampton isolated from easy access to a GTA-linked transit network except for congested, slow bus routes with people packed in like sardines.

Toronto Star Article Link: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2017/12/05/mississauga-is-starting-to-think-past-its-suburban-status.html



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