the_boot_smallWell, Fennell (aka Miss Piggy) has finally gotten the boot by Brampton voters ( those with a brain ).

It’s about 10 years too late IMHO. She’s left a mess behind for someone else to clean up (if that’s even possible). The urban sprawl that happened under her watch is pretty much a death toll for Brampton’s future.

Once the city has finished filling in the few empty fields that are left, with another sea of low-cost* houses (*relative to other cities), there will be no more ‘low-hanging fruit’ of development fees per residence. Those are what gave the city the triple A credit rating she bragged about. Easy to do when developers pay fat fees to build, make money and move on to somewhere else. Borrowing from the future, easy to do.

Where will money come from to pay for the maintenance of that sprawling infrastructure? All those roads, sidewalks, sewers, parks and recreation centers and the vast sprawl of above and below ground infrastructure will age and deteriorate. More roads & sidewalks = more salt, plowing and shoveling in the winter and more repairs and replacement in the spring, summer and fall.

You think traffic is bad now? Wait until developer money dries up, then where will money come from to pay for new roads plus long-term maintenance and repairs of the existing ones? Obviously, we the taxpayers. It will come to a choice of spend vast sums to maintain versus spend to add — ‘add’ will lose.

It was estimated that the cost of last winter’s storm added $65,000,000 to the cities debt, let’s see what this year will bring and the next. We (the taxpayers) also owe $60,000,000 for the 2nd hospital, that city council offered to pay without having it. They added a surtax to the tax bill for a few years (anyone want to bet that that will stay there to pay for other debts ?) How much were those 3 new city hall buildings ? With all the secret closed door meetings, what side deals were made, who owes what ?

I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go!!

Well, the ex-mayor won’t have to worry — with her fat savings account from being paid so well from the public purse, she can move to Oakville or Rosedale.

Good riddance, too bad it took so long.


4 comments on “The Mayor is Out ! (smart) Brampton Voters Give Her Highness the Boot

  • You cant trust politicians. They are in the business of politics to line their own pockets and those of their family and friends. They expect soft consultancy jobs from companies they help while in office, they receive good salaries, good cost of living indexed pensions, expenses, and in return do as little as possible and certainly nothing that they could be held responsible for. However, to be somewhat fair, the people who live in Brampton have also helped turn the place into a slum, with violent crime, theft, vandalism etc. Canada is much overrated, Brampton, known for being a filthy ghetto, seems right on target.

  • I really wonder if we are going to any better off with the new council. Look at the money we have already wasted on reviews and investigations and will still don’t have any transparent answers What is this buzzword “Transparent”. Transparent means we can see through it, and I guess we have had transparent for years. We could always see through the lies that Council was giving us. We just couldn’t pinpoint how we were going to get it: “In-The-End” (rear), and how painful it was going to be.

  • I moved from Mississauga to Brampton, and I agree with everything said on this WebSite, Brampton does Suck, I have 2 daughters, I ask you want to do something funny in Brampton, and they look at me with a funny face and responds “Brampton Sucks” ???. When I bought my house I searched all over to find who lived initially on my land and found that it was an Irish back in some 1800s, this land was well preserved during the ages of hard work, what I see now is nothing but Decay (Trees are left to rot, my back yard used to be filled with vegetation, but as hard weather takes its toll, trees slowly disappear, and I called the City but to no avail. Trees needs preservation and cared for, that is Bramptons dilemma no trees and the few we have left are in decay…

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